Original idea from

Original script using imagemagick:

Using scrot :

(defun org-screenshot ()
  "Take a screenshot into a time stamped unique-named file in the same directory as the org-buffer and insert a link to this file."
  (setq filename
          (concat (buffer-file-name)
                  (format-time-string "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S_")) ) ".png"))
  (call-process "scrot" nil nil nil  "-s" filename)
  (insert (concat "[[" filename "]]"))

How to resize LVM logical volumes with ext4 as filesystem

# Unmount the filesystem and check its' LV
umount /mnt/foo
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/vg0-foo

# Shrink ext4 and then the LV to the desired size
resize2fs -p /dev/mapper/vg0-foo 40G
lvreduce -L 40G /dev/mapper/vg0-foo

# Before continuing, run e2fsck. If it bails because the partition
# is too small, don't panic! The LV can still be extended with
# lvextend until e2fsck succeeds, e.g.:
# lvextend -L +1G /dev/mapper/vg0-foo
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/vg0-foo

# Resize the filesystem to match the LVs size, check and mount it
resize2fs -p /dev/mapper/vg0-foo
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/vg0-foo
mount /mnt/foo

umount /mnt/bar

# Extend the LV to use all free space
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/vg0-bar
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/vg0-bar

# Resize the partition to fill the LV
resize2fs -p /dev/mapper/vg0-bar
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/vg0-bar
mount /mnt/bar


Ubuntu 9.10 , run level 3 => installare driver Nvidia

Se dovete installare i nuovi driver Nvidia su ubuntu 9.10, dovete aver killato il server X …
Girovagando su internet ho trovato un modo veloce, che non conoscevo [visto che sono praticamente nuovo su linux], per poterlo fare

Tramite alt+ctrl+f1 entriamo in tty1 (conosole senza X)
ed immettiamo :

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

poi potete installare tranuquillamente i driver Nvidia su vostro Ubuntu 😀